Fibonacci pattern method

In forex trading, the Fibonacci pattern is commonly used as a technical analysis tool to identify potential levels of support and resistance in the price action of a currency pair. The Fibonacci retracement levels can be applied to any price chart and can help traders to identify potential levels at which to enter or exit trades.

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To use Fibonacci retracement levels in forex trading, a trader would first identify the high and low points of a recent trend. For example, if a currency pair has been moving higher, the trader would identify the highest point reached and the lowest point before the price started to rise.

Once these points have been identified, the trader would use the Fibonacci retracement tool to draw horizontal lines at the key Fibonacci levels, which are typically 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8%, and 100%. These levels can help the trader to identify potential levels of support and resistance, which can be used to determine entry and exit points for trades.

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Traders and investors use fundamental analysis to make informed trading decisions based on the long-term trends and factors affecting a currency pair. It’s essential to combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis, which involves studying price charts and market trends, to make well-informed decisions.

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