Forex calculation methods

Forex trading involves a variety of calculations related to position sizing, profit and loss, margin requirements, and more. Here we teach some of the main calculation methods used in forex trading:

We take care of Forex calculation methods For Trainees.

Position sizing: This calculation helps a trader determine how much of a currency pair they should buy or sell, based on their risk tolerance and account size.

Profit and loss: Calculating profit and loss is essential for managing risk in forex trading.

Margin requirements: Margin requirements refer to the amount of funds a trader must deposit with their broker to open and maintain a position.

Pip value: A pip is the smallest unit of movement in a currency pair, and pip value is the monetary value of each pip.

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Course Details

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1 st Week

  • 2 Days Class
  • 2 Days of Practical Lessons
  • 1 Day Test-1

2 nd week

  • 2 Days Class
  • 2 Days of Practical Lessons
  • 1 Day Test-2

3 rd week

  • 2 Days Class
  • 2 Days of Practical Lessons
  • 1 Day Test-3

4th Week - Revision & Final Exam

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  • One-month live demo account practice on 1 month.
  • Investment also company provided after the course completed once 3 test will be passed.
  • Practicing with demo and live accounts.

Traders and investors use fundamental analysis to make informed trading decisions based on the long-term trends and factors affecting a currency pair. It’s essential to combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis, which involves studying price charts and market trends, to make well-informed decisions.

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