Live MT4 class for Forex

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a popular trading platform used by forex traders around the world. The MT4 platform offers a wide range of features and tools to help traders analyze the market and execute trades. One of the features of MT4 is the ability to connect to live trading accounts, which allows traders to access real-time market data and execute trades.

We take care of Live MT4 class for Forex analysis For Trainees.

Once you are connected to your live MT4 account, you can start analyzing the market, viewing real-time prices, and executing trades. You can also customize the platform by adding indicators, scripts, and other tools to help you make informed trading decisions.

It’s important to remember that trading forex involves significant risk and you should only trade with funds that you can afford to lose. Make sure to use risk management tools such as stop-loss orders and always keep track of your account balance and equity.

Course Details.






60k to 80k Per Month


company will help in investment.

Course Details

Free introductory classes every week.


1 st Week

  • 2 Days Class
  • 2 Days of Practical Lessons
  • 1 Day Test-1

2 nd week

  • 2 Days Class
  • 2 Days of Practical Lessons
  • 1 Day Test-2

3 rd week

  • 2 Days Class
  • 2 Days of Practical Lessons
  • 1 Day Test-3

4th Week - Revision & Final Exam

For Our Students

  • One-month live demo account practice on 1 month.
  • Investment also company provided after the course completed once 3 test will be passed.
  • Practicing with demo and live accounts.

Traders and investors use fundamental analysis to make informed trading decisions based on the long-term trends and factors affecting a currency pair. It’s essential to combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis, which involves studying price charts and market trends, to make well-informed decisions.

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